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Hockey Power League

Hockey it's not only a sport; but a real life philosophy, a mission, a true need. That's why the Hockey world cup it's more than a simple sport competition. Czech Republic, Sweden, United States, Russia, Germany, Canada, Finland, Slovacchia: Choose one from the 8 team of the final step of the world cup and put your best formation on the field. “Hockey Power League” gives you 5 levels of difficulty and two game modes completely customizables. You'll be able to see your best actions in every moment: “Hockey Power League” has a powerful Tv-Replay options that you can activate when you want just pressing a key. All those great characteristics are great shown with the help of great controls and speed: just one key for all the actions! The free configuration of the play-off section, "stunning" audio effects, great gameplay action are the perfect mix between the latest technology in Java games and immediate gameplay.