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Footbag Freestyle

Kick it around freestyle! Practice all of the Footbag Freestyle competitions – Routine, Shred 30, and Big 3, to have a chance at the Footbag tournament, where the masters of the sport come to compete. ----------------------------------- History Footbag is a sport in which you kick a small bag. Freestyle is an extreme variety of the sport. The aim is to perform tricks without letting the bag fall to the ground. The freestyle bag is soft and half-filled so that it does not bounce off the shoe. Each trick has a specific difficulty level, which is measured in "ADDs" that indicate how many basic moves must be made in order to perform a given trick. While the trick is being performed, fluency, confidence and the ability to keep the bag off the ground, as well as the difficulty level of the trick, are evaluated. ----------------------------------- Game You can practice each of the competitions as long as you want in preparation for the tournament. In the tournament, you will have to best four other footbag freestyle players in 3 competitions in a row. Each competition (Routine, Shred 30, Big 3 and Bonus) is completely different. One will require lightning reflexes, while another cat-like dexterity or the ability to plan your performance well. If you get a high score in the tournament you will be able to upload it to the server. Once you get at least 500 points in the tournament, you will also unlock an additional (fourth) mode – Bonus. All of the competitions are based on the official rules of the IFPA (International Footbag Players' Association) championships. The game was developed in cooperation with the IFPA, PlanetFootbag as well as Gosia Nycz and Wiktor Dêbski, world champions in mixed doubles freestyle. ----------------------------------- Controls Routine: left/right/up/down Shred 30: left/right/up/down Big3: fire or 5 – mark the spot ----------------------------------- Features - Practically 4 games in one - Gameplay allowing for i