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Baldurs Gate

Baldurs Gate - Super play Dungeons and Dragons of Atari on your Mobile! Winner of several prizes and RPG honors, Baldurs Gate Mobile gives you the same monsters as the arcade game to fight with the same catacombs to explore. Begin the adventure in the Grounds Forgotten as a Warrior, a Wizard, a Dwarf, or a Robber, and acquire magic, the armour and the weapons by hanging the play. Explore the Forgotten Realms and discover the lands of Faerûn, Traverse through an interactive, isometric world filled with vast dungeons and treacherous forests. Battle a host of D&D monsters, from the imposing Golem to the treacherous Lich. Createyour own character: choose from four races and five different classes. Attack your opponents using melee weapons or spells. Discover treasures, collect loot, and buy and sell your inventory. Prove your valor by completing a series of 17 unique quests and sub-quests on 7 richly detailed levels. Prevail in battle against 19 varieties of monsters and dangerous creatures. © 2002 Sorrent, Inc. Any reserved rights. Sorrent and the Sorrent logo is marks of Sorrent, Inc. Baldur's Gate is a mark of Atari Interactive granted under licence to Sorrent, Inc. 'Baldurs Gate' © 2004 Atari Interactive and all other logos, characters, names and other resemblances are the property of Atari Interactiveandor their exclusive owners. Used under licence. Any reserved rights.